Thursday, March 29, 2007

i've moved! sit back and enjoy the autoredirection.

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

i spent the entire afternoon cooking. from soba to miso soup to macaroni gratin, i have done them all. heck, i even did kebabs just for fun and i am not jesting you. after doing all these, i managed to get a dozen gold medals for the dishes that i single handedly whipped up and not long later, all the food disappeared.

5 hours of the afternoon was spent on preparing a feast good enough for a king in a japanese country, seeing that all i had done was prime grade cuisine from the land of the rising sun.

i even got praises from mama that my skill was as good, if not better, than hers. so yup, i basically kicked my mama's ass in cooking.

if you haven't guessed it by now, i played cooking mama on ds the entire afternoon after replying emails/ doing some work. yesterday was spent being a survivor in lost in blue 2.

lost in blue 2 is modeled after the award winning series of lost. so basically, it starts off with this high school senior being involved in this shipwreck and happened to be washed ashore and met this THING with ovaries who is also a victim of the tragic accident. that guy's name is keith ( i bet catherine is having a field day right about now) while the other is named skyy.

so anyway, the character is stranded on this desolated island together with this THING (i refuse to call her a girl or even something remotely related to the human race). the point of the game being that you have to ensure that you are properly hydrated, fed and rested so that you dont die and guess what? the LIABILITY is your responsibility.

the game is designed such that you could ask her to help you carry out some of your chores but whatever she does, she screws up. If you ask her to prepare food, she will poison you with colourful mushrooms and even if she doesn't poison you, she could only prepare raw food that probably will have just killed you all the same. and should you ask her to get firewood, she will bring you a grand total of ONE.

and she is always in danger. apparently, she can't feed herself. she can only cook if i tell her to and i must eat with her. she can't drink if she's dying of thirst. and guess what? she can't sleep without me too! i know i am not brilliant but it does seem like a good idea to eat something when you are practically dying of hunger or even getting a drink from the nearby stream (which i have brought her to for countless times) when you are dehydrating.

so a bulk of the day has to be spent babysitting the moron from hell when i could have gone on to do better things like fish or pick up clams.

ah, but anyhow, i managed to entertained myself. the ds lite is indeed a worthwhile investment.

at this exact moment, there is only one singular day in the entire known universe i am looking forward to and that is apr 6, good friday.

no, i am no pets lover. in fact, i think the notion of gargantuan bunnies bearing crude chocolate eggs on easter day is quite scary so i am glad to say that i will be taking a short trip during the long weekend.

nowhere fanciful. not bali or hongkong or bangkok but genting highlands. it is somewhere i used to visit when i was little. a place that i once thought was magical. with the theme parks, it is not difficult to understand why any kid at that age would feel so. it also has A&W and dunkin' donuts. really, i would just die happy to treat my ultra deprived palate to a weekend of carbs and sugars (and it is because i don't think they actually have muesli up there... or maybe, i can pack...).

but never mind that. the reason why i am looking forward to it is simple. it is simply 3 (actually it is 2) days of pure joy. not a lot to ask for but we never seemed to able to fork out the 3 days. and now here's the chance! so yay.

am going with a few friends. a plain no-fuss trip. taking a coach ride up on thursday night. and hopefully we will be waking up with our heads shrouded in clouds. mwahahaha.

so a quick rundown of the things that i have to do and pack:

1.) extend my passport
2.) book coach ride tickets
3.) 1 pullover
4.) 1 pair of jeans
5.) 1 pair of shorts
6.) 1 pair of shoes
7.) 1 pair of slippers
8.) 3 tee shirts

the hotel room has been booked! the downside to this all is that we will be staying in first world hotel which is rumoured to be very haunted. but my dad insisted that he knows which rooms are haunted (he claimed that he got one that is not) and which are not and that he had to use his member card to get that room coz all the public rooms are out already and that i should be thankful and stop complaining that i am very very very extremely afraid of ghosts the unknown.

but after saying all these positive things, one thing i am even more sure is that someone will back out at the last minute. i dunno who yet but there is this one nagging suspicion at the back of my head. of course, there are not often times that i am proven wrong, but i am hoping against hope that i would be, just this once.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

there is nothing good and/or relaxing about staying at home and slacking and doing nothing. so, i blame american drama for depicting the SURREALISM of society beings enjoying the day off work.

i cannot belive its only 2 pm in the afternoon and I AM UNBELIEVEABLY BOREDD.

there is alot to say about the fact that i am now rendered dutyless for the next few weeks until school officially starts on apr 16.

did i happen to mention that i got sucky IS modules because the stupid system keeped hanging on me yesterday morning? when i went in, i wanted to go for lawrence's class on WISP and when i clicked it, the thing hung! #%%@$@!*

but i persevered on and i still didnt get it! i was damn on time ok. my appointment was 8 and i was online at that time! so i just signed up for another class and went on to pick my electives. but... *drumroll please!* all the other cool sounding electives were taken up and all i had left was COMPUTER SERVICE COMMUNICATION.

talk about fucked up.

ok, so anyway, before i digressed, i was whining about how incredibly bored i am staying at home because my friends are either:

a) on attachment
b) working
c) preaching <-- actually only one
d) sick
e) sleeping
f) dead or lost contact

yes, i have no friends and no life.

in fact, i am so bored that i think i might just go queue for the doughnuts at raffles city because i HONESTLY have nothing better to do and the queue is phenomenally long, even though i dont know why (maybe its time to find out).

Sunday, March 25, 2007

i have been giving tuition to this sec one kid for a month already and only till today did i managed to get her name and her contact number.

ahh, all in a day's work.

and this is normally how my saturday/sunday morning is spent. i am not religious, so i dont go to church on sundays (you might probably say i worship money since i give tuition on sunday mornings while many go to church).

the bus ride would take 40 minutes at least (all the way to bukit panjang!) and taking into the account that i take a return journey. i spent at least 1 hr 20 mins on transport. so technically i earn [$50/(2 hrs + 1 hr 20 mins)]/hr.

but let's not talk about slave labour.

i watched the preview of the new musical fountain earlier on in the evening! for those who do not know, the old musical fountain has closed down already because it is so old. it appeared to be beyond repair. the decrepit site now looks like ancient ruins of an antediluvian civilisation. if you happen to pass by it (you can actually see it while enjoying the ride on the newfangled sentosa express which is really a lrt train), do take a photo for memories' sake, if nothing else.

with all the amelioration, it is clear that Singapore is pulling no punches to appeal to tourists. it is a relief that our parents' hardearned money are being put to good use by letting foreigners enjoy it.

but having said that, i still enjoyed the spanking new musical fountain which costs a hefty S$30 million to build. the display was amazing and even had state of the art lasers and water jets. it, indeed, is as Sentosa claimed to be and more: a multi-sensory experience.

it's worth every penny of the S$6 admission fee that they are going to put into place once the official launch on Mar 27. the storyline was kinda corny though but as shuying said, they are catering for a mass audience here so we could clearly see where they are coming from.

shuying managed to get a couple of decent 'publishable' shots because the lighting was atrocious (and i couldn't afford a DSLR *ahem*). so here you go, a sneak peek of the new musical fountain.

the photos doubtlessly did no justice to the musical fountain because it was oh-so-damn-good! (: the show was excellent and most impressive. in my own words, i would have renamed the fountain "magical fountain". left with the power of typing, i could only do so much to describe the astounded feeling i experienced in the course of watching the musical.

the dance of the lasers was reflected on the mist created by the jet sprays on precised timing. flawlessly choreographed, the scenes were spectacular. what it lacked in terms of time (it was much shorter than its predecessor), it made up by being breathtakingly captivating.

the performers were very professional, they managed to lip synch immaculately while dancing along with the coordinated actions, a feat that reflects upon their stifling practice shedule. however, the performance did bring about the familiarity of the national day event with cultural songs from different races across the population.

but i still watched the show with an opened mouth, and that says a lot. no wonder yc said that watching one time is not enough.

oh, and before the commencement of the preview, shuying and i went to take the skyride again and she was still scared despite having prior experience.

there's still more from where it came but i think i better not show anymore (especially the one with the hugeass face) for fear of grevious bodily harm.

and we went to the beach and slacked there till the show started.

nothing beats the rays of the setting sun, blinding, yes, but still oddly comforting. no wonder the chinese say, 夕阳无限好,只是近黄昏. the 彩霞 in the sky serves no other purpose but to accentuate the wholesome beauty of it all.

a good day, one of the few in the future to come. one worth documenting, reminiscing. ah wells, not gonna go into all that emo shite again. (:

Thursday, March 22, 2007

chengwei. says (23:33):
now i have to start making friends AGAIN

<-- excerpt from alvin and my conversation-->

chengwei. says (23:26):
have to meet new people again

Hôgwårtš Sçhòól Óf Wîtçhçrâft Äñd Wîzãrdrÿ I≤ Thê ßé≤t MágïÇ SçhÖól Iñ Thé Wórld [Plàtfórm 9¾] says (23:27):
wad so sad
u ran out of hamster food?

chengwei. says (23:27):
i going back to study

Hôgwårtš Sçhòól Óf Wîtçhçrâft Äñd Wîzãrdrÿ I≤ Thê ßé≤t MágïÇ SçhÖól Iñ Thé Wórld [Plàtfórm 9¾] says (23:30):
study wad?

chengwei. says (23:31):
study modules

Hôgwårtš Sçhòól Óf Wîtçhçrâft Äñd Wîzãrdrÿ I≤ Thê ßé≤t MágïÇ SçhÖól Iñ Thé Wórld [Plàtfórm 9¾] says (23:32):
u fail all ur last sem modules arh?

chengwei. says (23:32):
i nv lor
i just switched semesters

<--end of excerpt-->

not a wave, but part of the ocean. says (23:36):

not a wave, but part of the ocean. says (23:37):
alvin is so bad

chengwei. says (23:37):
omg. what a bitch right.

not a wave, but part of the ocean. says (23:37):
so funny

chengwei. says (23:37):
not funny lor.

*i must be hanging out with serene too much. i have been calling everyone a slut.

no more thinking about this issue.

the deed is done and the switch is made.

more details later.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

to be thrown into a new cohort.

the idea scares me. but yet, it brings along infinite possibilities that might very well help me to boost my gpa and give me the exposure required to face the daunting tasks that lie ahead of me.

i can't bear to leave this trimedia team but i know if i do this, it will really help me alot. and i have no excuses not to change, granted that i am given my chosen electives.

the eternal struggle between leaving old friends behind and the choice of heading to greener pastures.

the process of making friends was so tough when i first started poly and now i might have to start all over again. but then again, all good things will come to an end and i am sure we will not stop being friends just because we are in different semesters.

ahhh wells. why am i thinking so much anyway? i might not be able to switch sems anyhow simply because my chosen electives are not given to me.

Monday, March 19, 2007

there should be a review done on singaporeans' honesty.

i left my phone at mgs auditorium for three freaking days and when i went to hunt for it this morning, it's still there.

heartfelt thanks people. really.



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